Save the Animals

Welcome to "Save the Animals“ universe. You feel concerned by the disappearance of animal species, so let's create together a better world by helping animals rescue.


A committed and responsible approach

According to COSEPAC, threatened species are species likely to be endangered if the limiting factors to which it is exposed are not reversed. These factors can be environmental (global warming, fires, etc.), social (poaching, traditions, etc.). The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has identified more than 40,000 species threatened with extinction.

In partnership with Gifts for Change, you will support various animal causes. With the bracelet on your wrist, you will carry the message of support for the animal world. It's a conversation starter, a statement, and a daily companion for a more mindful lifestyle.

Environment commitment

Our glass bottle is a recyclable product. However, we wanted it to be beautiful with its sprinting and reusable.

You can also fill your bottle with our premium Gin in all the specialized shops where we are present. Nice way to have fun while being eco-responsible.

Why choose our products?

More than a gin, we offer you a unique, responsible and sustainable experience. For the purchase of a gin box or a bottle "Save the Animals", you will contribute with our partner Gifts for Change to animal rescue.

Discover the box

You will receive in the "Save the Animals" Box a beautiful bracelet supporting your cause. For each bottle sold, we undertake to donate a contribution to Gifts for Change to support this cause.


Learn more about our values

Let's go even further in our responsible approach: We have entrusted the creation of our Gin boxes and all shipments to our partner, the Association ESAT Marie Pire and thus allow you to contribute to the employment of disabled adults.

Whatever item you order, a bottle of premium gin, or a box, will allow you to create a better world (Contribute to a better World). A new way of consuming: responsible and sustainable. Do not hesitate to offer the beautiful London Dry Gin “Save the Animals” box.